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The Bronnie's Briefcase difference

Bronnie’s Briefcase was created because I am so passionate about HR and Payroll. I like making simple and easy processes that everyone can use.


I've been working in payroll and HR for 17 years. I've run thousands of payrolls and I've got the process down pat. No need to waste your time with trial and error just ask me. Payroll is one area of the business you don't want to get wrong. This can be detrimental to morale and the potential of FairWork knocking on your door.


The HR aspect of the business is around advice and how to deal with employees payroll and HR go hand in hand sometimes and it always helps to bridge the gap between the 2 departments. This comes from my years working as a HR Manger.


Understanding awards and EBA's can be confusing, this is where I come in. I can make your business compliant, and provide simple processes and solutions to your problems. 



Hi there! I'm Bronnie, I’ve worked in HR for the past 17 years and was ready to work for myself and I've never been happier.

I grew up in Sydney, in the lovely suburb of Picnic Point (south/ west Sydney). I’m from a big family; 5 brothers and sisters and I have 2 kids of my own. Family is so important to me and I feel so lucky that I am surrounded by their love and support.


I moved to Newcastle so I can be around the sand and surf everyday. You'll see me down at the beach in the morning, coffee in hand, watching the sunrise and loving every minute of it.

I'm a fun loving person, I believe life should be full of belly laughs, good music, wine and cool people. Your vibe attracts your tribe and I've got an awesome tribe around me.

I'm a straight up person who loves a problem, like Vanilla Ice would say- you have a problem, yo I'll solve it.


A little about me and why I started Bronnie’s Briefcase

 I’ve worked in Human Resources and Payroll since I finished school. I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left school and went I went to enrol in TAFE I saw Business Human Resources and I liked the sound of it, I enjoyed the class and one of the student I studied with offered me a job and I started out as a HR Assistant to the HR Manager. That’s when I learnt the gap between what was taught and what was done in the workplace was polar opposite. 

I worked in different industries like Manufacturing, Construction and Retail. Some were absolutely shocking but some I learnt so much; from Multiplex when I was a Payroll Officer for the national payroll team, I learnt how to interpret awards and EBA’s, talking to union delegates and fine tuning a very complex payroll in a short amount of time. Most of my payroll was completed with 0 errors, due to an amazing team who took time to check each other's work and helped each other to understand the different payrolls. 

I worked as a HR Manager for Bisley Workwear during the first COVID outbreak, navigating big personalities was the assignment here, I learnt one very valuable skill in particular in this case; listening.

People want to feel heard! Side note: I have a superpower, I can listen and remember what people say for years, it drives my friends and family mad. With this skill I’ve learnt if you listen and hear what people say the answer is right there, they may not say “I want xxx” but they do tell you. I feel any situation can be resolved if you listen and work together on a solution. 

After working in HR and Payroll for over 10 years I was getting a little bored with the task at hand and I wanted to challenge myself so I moved into project work, implementing Payroll and HR systems. I accepted the challenge with Winning Services to implement Kronos payroll system into the Business, we had an incredible trainer from Kronos; Anthony to help us through the set up. The Operations Manager and I worked together on interpreting the award, breaking it down into rules, testing the rules and paying the people correctly also, training the business on how to use the system while troubleshooting any issues they encountered. We had 25 rules and a 24/7 roster, it was the gift that just kept on giving.

The greatest takeaway from this project was that you must be organised, every hour of your day has to be planned! A meeting gets pushed back a week and it sends the project 10 steps back.

All of my years in Payroll and HR set me up for this job, I was challenged, I was learning so much everyday I thought my head was going to explode! However, I realised I can do anything in this space that I set my mind to.

That’s when I knew I needed to take all this knowledge and open my own consultancy!

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